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April 10th

12:00pm ET
9:00am PT

Presented by

Steve Sanduski, CFP
Steve is the founder of Belay Advisor, a NYT best-selling author, and the former Managing Partner of a financial advisor coaching company that grew 17-fold under his leadership.

Presented by

Mitch Anthony
Mitch is the founder of Advisor Insights, one of the country's leading authorities on life planning, and the author of the perennial bestselling book, The New Retirementality.

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You'll learn...

  • Why your 1% AUM fee is under assault and may only be worth 30bps (a.k.a. -- the 70bps gap)

  • How to beat back the pressure on fees and keep your margins high using our 5 NEW TOOLS

  • A better way to discover your clients’ goals, hopes, and fears about retirement

  • How to add Retirement Coaching as a new service and deliver great value to clients

FACT: Your business is under ASSAULT:
1) New competitors such as Tony Robbins, the mega-RIA firms, Robo Advisors, and free Apps are forcing you to step up your service level and deliver value well-beyond asset allocation and financial planning.
2) Vanguard, Schwab and Fidelity’s low-cost call-center programs are stealing your clients, taking money from you, and putting massive pressure on advisory fees.
3) The regulatory environment is unpredictable, costly and frustrating.
4) Financial markets have been so high for so long that we're going to have a new BEAR MARKET at some point--and many advisors are not prepared.
5) Client expectations are rising and they are scrutinizing fees more closely than ever before.

FACT: We will show you how to continue to add value in an industry that faces competitive threats and shrinking margins.

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